Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Will Smith's well-being

Today in Health we were given a task to watch a short clip about Will Smith's well-being and how it relates to different aspects. We had to pick out the things we find out about his well-being.

Will Smith well-being video

What aspect does this video relate to?:In this short clip Will was given basketball tickets to watch his favourite team. He was so excited and happy. But then his Happy mood quickly changed to guilty, worried and emotional after confessing the truth. Both of Wills feelings linked his to Mental and Emotional well-being which changed quickly.

Positive and Negative:

Something positive I thought and possibly Will thought also was the drugs that was given to him could really help him to stay hyped and awake in his basketball game. Because he was going through a lot. School, work and basketball. It was a drug that could really help him do his best while playing his game. But there was also something negative about the drug. The drug that was given could have helped a lot but also could have cause him and his cousin that took it to die. It relates to their physical aspect. That drug could have damage their health and body care.

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